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Event: The Future of E-Commerce

On Thursday night Grounded Space hosted another great event sponsored by zipPay on the future of e-commerce. Check out a quick snippet of the event and be sure to follow us to find out about our future events!

Posted by Grounded Space on Tuesday, 3 October 2017
Grounded Space's First Event

On Thursday night we hosted our first event at Grounded Space with a turnout of 40 people. We had three guest speakers focusing on social media and growth hacking techniques used to get incredible results. Thank you to our three speakers, Samantha Khater, Antonio Galati and our very impressive speaker Tamir Vigder who at the age of 17 created a campaign that received 500k views in 24 hours leading to $70 million in applications for Sydney based start up Hashching. Massive shoutout to Tandi Media for getting this video to us so quickly! We look forward to hosting our next event and seeing you all again soon!

Posted by Grounded Space on Friday, 3 March 2017
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